Form Listing Table

Form Listing Table #

Contactum allows you to create as many WordPress contact forms for your website as you wish. After creating a few forms, you may want to go back and look at them all as a group. With the form listing table, you can easily see them all located in the plugins interface by following the instructions in the following tutorial.

To see the form listing table, navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard → Contactum → All Forms.


In the form listing table, you will find seven headings that help you understand the information you are viewing. They are as follows:

Name #


This heading demonstrates the names of the created forms; you supplied this while creating it.

Shortcode #

This heading shows the short codes of each and every form, and you can use them to add to your posts, pages, and widgets.

Entries #

This heading indicates how many entries have been submitted for a particular form.

Status #

This heading refers to the status of a form, whether it is open or closed. Under the open or closed label, you will see the conditions applied to it.

Status Conditions #

The conditions will be shown according to their priorities. The first prioritized condition is the number of entries; the second prioritized one is the form schedule; and the last one is the login requirement.

How the Status Conditions Are Shown #

If the set schedule is not expired and the “Number of restricted entries” is selected from the form submission settings, then the form’s status will remain ‘Open‘ and it will keep showing the “Number of entries remaining” as the condition.

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